Koffee’s greatest strength when it came to the community of YTP was his unique ability to position himself at the crossroads of standard YouTube Poop, YouTube Poop Tennis and YTPMV and be able to bring them all together as one by both creating work that was able to entertain all three and hosting an incredible number of events that drew participation from all three areas in near equal measure. His 3 Microgame Collabs, “The King’s Speech” and the 9/11 Tennis Match are all examples of this. He was a novel thinker and came up with several unique concepts to the realm of YTP Tennis, hosting the first 1 second, 1/4 second, 1/5 second, and 1/6 second tennis matches, helping to introduce the idea of “panic tennis”, and introducing the idea of a “secret chroma-keyable image” hidden somewhere in his tennis rounds(back in ye olden days when YouTube featured in-video embed links that only appeared with you hovered your mouse over it, finding the chroma-keyable image always linked to an unlisted video with the image, congratulating you on finding it, and instructing you to use it in your next round). His tennis work almost always took an unusual, inventive and often incredibly silly approach that combined humor with impressive visual editing in a somehow seamless way; his videos often featured a game, puzzle or skit that made use of the previous round in some fashion, always with very amusing results. Of note is the fact that he made all of his videos in Final Cut Pro, making him one of the most original users of the software by a good stretch. Between 2010 and 2013, Koffee helped to define the then-current landscape of fad based videos through his participation in the group YouTube accounts TheFamilyLawnmower and SecretSaladSociety, featuring a massive amount of content from both himself and a large cast of other participants, often from his famous “koffee chats” on Skype. Among the fads and memes created both from these accounts and his own work was notably making King Harkinian saying “dinner” funny again, which can be seen as an important step from the community’s overall recovery from the years-long stigma against CD-i. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive