Almost every major tennis match that trepmaws AKA panicwiththecrisco has taken part in has been one for the books. From his Doubles Cup I match with TheChutley vs. GameBop and MycroProcessor, to the Touhou 3-Way with TheChutley and ChrisGendo, to the 3-Way Tournament match vs. Luioigi and Moogle, to his Doubles Cup II match with GameBop vs. ChrisGendo and AshcrementVII, trepmaws has been a uniquely Star Player of tennis, and his contributions to each match he has played have always stood out as highlights. His prowess on the field has earned him the title of having been a Third Generation Tennis Fuck on the YouChew Forums, subsequently playing a significant part in the organizing/hosting of subsequent tournaments including the 2012 Tennis Cup IV, the 2013 Triples Cup and 2015 Tennis League IV. With an editing style that looks and sounds like it came straight out of Rob Zombie’s music videos, trepmaws has also been an effective collaborative foil for TheChutley, and the two of them have made videos several times together, including “STOP YELLING I’M RIGHT HERE” and “Hi Batman I’m CRUNK”, and together played a fantastic match against each other in the 2009-2010 Grey Tennis Tournament. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive