Imaperson was nigh unstoppable during the 8 years in which he made YouTube Poops. From 2009 to 2015, the entire community would basically stop on a dime to watch whatever was the newest video that he had just put out. He is known very well for the many reoccurring trends in his videos that include references to mathcore music, the “Head Bobbing Guy”, Sagwa’s “Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!”, Simon The Pieman, Aladdin-related media, Mei and Gabu, and almost video by video usage of manwith10toes source videos, all culminating in a practically 6 year streak of classics including “SUPER DUPER SUPER MAN”, “SUPER HORNY LADDIE 3: THE JACKALS WITH SUPER STRONG COCKS”, “GASTON GETS CHUTLEY DISEASE AND THE HOIP WHILE HE WINS A BRONZE MEDAL IN WRESTLING”, “THE KING EATS A THESAURUS” and “VIVIAN LISTENS TO RED WHILE FUCKSTONE LOSES HIS HEAD”. He became less active after 2010, occasionally taking a year plus to upload something new, which made each of his last 9 videos a major event. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive