Whelt often described his style as merely ripping off of Stegblob, which has in fact turned out to be something of a winning formula. His best known YouTube Poops have almost always been of various Disney movies, with the three Aladdin movies (“GENIE HAS ALLERGIES”,”GENIE IS ALSO A WORLD RENOWNED PERCUSSIONIST”, “ARE YOU IN”, “Granny Jafar learns to live with menopause”) and The Hunchback of Notre Dame(“Frollo Goes to Hell”, “ALWAYS BET ON FROLLO”, “THE BALLS OF NOTRE DAME”, “Frollo encourages Quasipiness to become a male model”) being notable signatures. He has also taken successful stabs at The Little Mermaid(“URSULA IS A FATASS”) and The Lion King(“9000 Pound Whoopie Goldberg TALKS TO MUSCULAR SCAR”) and even a former U.S. president(“Ronald Reagan Votes for the Communist Party”). He was also an important figure on the YouChew Forums, a long time moderator and final owner of the site, weathering the community through some of its biggest changes and toughest decisions as the forums came to an end in 2018. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive