KevinTAckerman was actually Captpan6, working under a secret alter ego. After the era of Pimpsahoy’s Top Ten, he created the KevinTAckerman account to distinguish between a Top 100 of 2008 list that he was compiling around the same time, creating what would become an infamous institution. From November 2008 to February 2013, He subjectively cataloged what was Hot and what was Not, and gave many detailed snapshots of YTP’s evolution in this period, which ended up including brief looks into what are now many lost works. A controversial figure of his time under this identity, his lists were reviled, eagerly anticipated, and often the reception of hot debate and criticism with many newer YTP generations often scrambling to land a place on his charts. He retired from compiling lists in 2013, and the channel changed hands a few times; first to Stuart K. Reilly, then to pilli10, and finally to SpaghettiBicycle, who finally put the channel to rest after February 2014. An archive of the monthly lists that were compiled, and fragments of the videos contained within, can be found below.

Video Archive