AbsoluteBillion was one of the smartest YTPers to become among the more popular names, able to win hundreds of thousands of views for his videos without necessarily having to always resort to the cheaper side of gags and humor. Part of this can be accredited to him being among the early Blues Clues YTPers, a source that has traditionally garnered mountains of attention almost no matter how it gets used in the scope of YouTube Poop. Even on videos such as his seminal classic work “Ogre and Packmule’s Extraordinary Pilgrimage to Mecca”, he has proven to be no stranger to a more experimental textural style of editing, and making that work to the enjoyment of his audience. He is also regarded on a lesser note as one of the better tennisers of his era, with his 8 round match with TheChutley sometimes being considered to be one of the greatest tennis matches ever played, both in terms of quality and progression. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive