YouTube Poop is seen by some to have hit an initial apex peak in the year 2010, the year that CommanderGwonam seemed to dominate the forms landscape alongside names like TheChairman45, Imaperson, JakeSteel0121, and Stuart K. Reilly. With a reach of over 10,000 subscribers by the time of his account being hacked, much of the post-boomer generation of YTP has seen at least a few of his videos and regard him as a very important figure of the age. His “multisource” videos and YTPMVs are his most well known, and he frequently placed high on the Top 10 Lists compiled by KevinTAckerman, expanding his reach and notoriety. He is greatly known for the furry porn hidden all throughout in split second intervals in his videos and frequent references in his videos to “yiffing”, which may have very well led to a few furry conversions for all we know. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive